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The Wonderful Charm of Gili Lawa Darat

Gili Lawa Darat is an island located in Indonesia, specifically the Kepaulauan Flores in Labuan Bajo. It is ranked number 7 on TripAdvisor. It is a breathtaking place that is located to the North East of Komodo Island and was initially thought to be a desert. The following are the attractions it has to offer:
Gili Lawa Darat
photo by @toliq_anshari

Sunset Trekking

Gili Lawa Darat Sunset Trekking
photo by @syamrezzafahlevi
The island has a breathtaking view of the sunset and sunset trekking is one of the best activities to have there. The beauty of the island is that, unlike the adjacent island, it has no Komodo dragons to worry about. The easiest way to do the activity is by traveling to the shore on boats, anchoring the boat and starting the trek. The shoreline is pretty secure so no need to worry about the boat’s safety. Make sure that you carry a walking stick with you and a camera as photos are a must. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get to the top. From there just set up chairs, or sit on the grass and enjoy the view. You can even open a cold beer while taking in all the beauty around you. The sun sets between 5 and 6. After that one should be back to the boat to head to the overnight hotel.

Good Mooring Site

Good Mooring SIte
The waters of Gili Lawa Darat Island are relatively calm and protected from currents making its bay the perfect spot for boats to stay for the night. Dive boats are commonly anchored here for the night.

The Milky Way

Milky Way
photo by @agaalanda
Some visitors have recounted sleepless nights at the island. This is because at night the sky comes alive with a huge constellation of stars. It depicts the Milky Way in a breathtaking display of glitter and glamour. Coupled with a spectacular sunset and a spectacular sunrise, who would blame them?

Photographer’s Heaven

Photographer’s Heaven
photo by @setapakkecil
The beautiful scenery of the place will literally take your breath away. The amazing photographs that can be taken while watching the sunset are the stuff that a photographer’s dreams are made of. In the west, the sun goes down over the Sanghiang Island which harbors an active volcano. When you look at the bottom of the Gili Lawa Darat Island itself, the sandy white beaches and the coral formations would make for excellent photographs fit for an art gallery. In case you are planning to visit the island, a camera is essential. The cell phone signal is also better at the top of the island than other islands in case you need to get in touch with loved ones. The hike up the hill to the viewpoint is a bit tiring but the view and excellent pictures that ensue make the journey up completely worth it.

Excellent Scuba Diving Site

It has a scuba site called The Golden Passage. This location is beautiful with clear waters that offer your vision into the colorful life in the sea. This entices the scuba divers and snorkelers alike to venture into the depths of the waters.

The Gili Lawa Darat is an ideal place for holidaymakers. It scores high ratings and reviews from those who go there. Testimonials and approval ratings paint a positive picture of the island. With amazing views everywhere you look this place is indeed a semblance of paradise.

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