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The Sights and Scenes of Golo Curu in Ruteng

Ruteng is the capital of Manggarai district, one of the old city districts in East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. It is located in the highlands, a beautiful city surrounded by mountains. You may have seen beautiful photos of tourists with the hashtags Ruteng, Manggarai, Flores, NTT on social media. The Golo Curu is one place you can enjoy while in Manggarai Kingdom.

Enjoy the Golo Curu’s Scenic View

Scenes of Golo Curu
photo by: @landscapeindonesia
Golo Curu is derived from the words Golo (meaning a hill or village) and Curu (meaning shuttle or the name of a tribe that once inhabited the hills). Golo Curu will give you a beautiful view of the Ruteng City with its wet-rice fields (known as Sawah). The gracious hills are subject to being covered with clouds that manifest at the peak. There are mornings, however, when a cloudless morning exposes the surrounding areas with a beautiful sunlight. It is quite heavenly to see the first rays of sunlight hit the city and surrounding hills and mountains. When going on a city tour of Ruteng, this hill would be the best place to start.

Visit the Virgin Mary Cave

Virgin Mary Cave

The small hill has a place known as the Virgin Mary Caves. The place is popular amongst pilgrims and spiritualists; they would take their time to go on a pilgrimage and pray in the cave.

The place came into being after there was a reported sighting with a message that an altar to the Virgin Mary should be built. The town’s church agreed to build it. The spot will definitely give you a moment to show off your trip with the Ruteng, Manggarai, Flores, NTT tags.

Go Bird Watching

Rice field at Kilo Lima
photo by zeissarectifa
While in Ruteng, you can enjoy a little bit of bird watching. Do remember to carry your binoculars to able to observe the birds. Start with a soft trek through the Rice field at Kilo Lima. Be sure to keep an eye out for plants such as coffee, corn, vanilla, coffee, and candlenut. There market plants are widely grown in the area.

Experience the Local’s Whip Fighting Culture

Another way to experience Ruteng, Manggarai, Flores, NTT would be a visit to witness a local marriage. These marriages are interesting as they feature whip fighting, the most important element of the Flores’ culture. The practice is a social display in which dancers with whips move around in a competitive manner.

Whip fighting, which is known as Caci amongst the Manggarai people of Indonesia is said to have originated from the ancient training of warriors. Through the years, it has been watered down to be saved for traditional and religious occasions.

To be able to experience the traditional ceremony, it is advisable that you dress appropriately and behave according to custom. You can get this information from a local who speaks English – Ask them to advice you on what to wear and how to behave.

All in all, you are bound to enjoy your visit to Golo Curu. You get an unfiltered out-of-this-world experience of Ruteng, Manggarai, Flores, NTT, something you will remember of years to come. Ruteng surely is a beautiful place to explore during your brief stop-over as you explore the Manggarai country.

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