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Nihi Sumba Island: Best Hotel in the World

When it's time for vacation and Indonesia calls, the first thing on your mind should be Nihi Sumba Island. The resort has been voted as the best hotel in the world by several authorities. The accolades are most befitting; Nihiwatu resort surpasses expectations with nature's charms and devoted hospitality service. Thrill seekers can get their adrenaline rush by hiking along butterfly trails, beach exploration and stand up paddling.
Nihi Sumba Island
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Those that seek tranquil relaxation will enjoy secluded seaside villas and awe-inspiring waterfalls. You could indulge in yoga and meditation, or relish in traditional Indonesian massages. NihiWatu resort sits on 576 hectares of land, featuring several classic villas and rugged landscapes. Luxury abounds, privacy is assured, and freedom is unregulated as well.

Property Overview

Nihiwatu Resort
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Nihiwatu Resort is located south of Sumba Island in Indonesia. The resort features over 27 private villas each with private swimming pools and gardens. There are several pool tables, Ping-Pong tables, Beach Cinema Theater, and even a chocolate factory for those with a sweet tooth. There are two community dining venues, bars, and lounges, BBQ grills, library, and outdoor picnic zones. Nihi Sumba Island's founder Chris Burch has his own private home in the resort. These include four villas with plunge pools that overlook the Nihi Beach on the Indian Ocean. There are Yoga and Wellness facilities on the property as well as beauty spas.


Nihiwatu Marangga Villa
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All the villas in Nihi Sumba Island feature neatly decorated rooms with breathtaking panoramas of the Indian Ocean. The Marangga villa has two spacious bedrooms and an outdoor seaside bed. Guests can spend the night under the starry sky. This villa is perfect for those seeking a romantic gateway. There is a soaking tub for two, and dinner is served outdoors in the gentle nightly breeze. In this picture perfect villa, you will access a private plunge pool and an outdoor shower.

The Lamba villas are cozily secluded in Nihiwatu resort. There are two villas here each with a master bedroom. The rooms open to a porch with lounge chairs, an outdoor bed, and a private plunge pool. The rest of the Lamba estate is a garden of hibiscus, frangipani, and bougainvillea overlooking the ocean.
Nihiwatu Tree House
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The Kanatar houses feature two one-bedroomed tree houses. The first floor is furnished with a powder room that overlooks a spacious yard with an infinity pool. The second floor features a master bedroom with canopy beds and also linen sheets.

The Lulu villa in Nihi Sumba is made up of a large master bedroom, a bathroom, and an outdoor tub. Similarly, there is a children's bedroom equipped with a bath and also an outdoor shower as well.
Nihiwatu Kasambi Estate
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Haweri is the most splendid villa offering two large swimming pools, a hot tub that could take ten people and a seaside yoga pavilion. There is a private beach area with an erected bamboo bed that comes in handy for massages, meals and even a nightly siesta. This villa is ideal for those that desire to be one with nature in absolute serenity and privacy.
Nihiwatu Lantoro Estate
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Other villas in Nihi Sumba Island include Latoro, Kasambi, Puncak, and others. The rooms are furnished with bamboo wood furniture, Sumbanese antiques and Ikat prints. Resort prices are per villa per night, and the rates include accommodation, meals, drinks, local trips, and full-time Wi-Fi connectivity.

Local Information

Sumba Island is in Eastern Indonesia, in the province of Nusa Tenggara. The island is famous for its distinctive flora and fauna. The coastline features stunning beaches, towering coconut palms, and lush vegetation. Sumba culture is wild and vibrant. There are annual mock battles between villages where worriers wield bloody hand-carved spears. Villages swarm with art and crafts and animal sacrifice sites. In February and March, you can catch the harvest rituals that involve horseback riders battling quasi-opponents. This keeps the spirits happy, according to the locals. All year round, you can catch morning prayers where traditional priests sacrifice an animal by the sea.
Nihiwatu Map
You can get to Sumba Island by direct flights from Denpasar and Timor. When moving around Sumba, you will have to use local buses that serve the major urban centers. Buses allow you to explore the countryside cheaply. There are many hotels and places to stay on Sumba Island, but the Nihi Sumba resort is a travelers' paradise to consider. This Sumba resort is one of the best hotels in the world arrayed in luxury and splendor. This a luxurious hotel with a conscience, actively helping in the socio-economic development of the local Sumbanese people.

Awards and Accolades 

Nihi Watu resort has bagged serval awards and recognition. These include:

  • Travel and Leisure Awards of 2017: Best Hotel in the World
  • Travel and Leisure Awards of 2016:  Best Hotel in the World
  • The Telegraph UK 2016: One of the 50 most fabulous hotels in the world
  • Conde Nast Traveler 2016: The World's Best Hotels Gold List
  • Asia Spa 2015: Destination Hotel/Resort of the Year
  • Pure Life Experiences 2015: Winner Best in Design
  • Conde Nast' World Savers Award
  • Travelers' Choice Top 25 Small Hotels in Asia
  • The list is long.

Local Recommendations

Tanggedu Waterfall
photo by @adr.syahfril
Sumba is an island with a haunting appeal. Local attractions on Sumba Island include the Tanggedu Waterfall, Puru Kambera Beach, Tarimbay Bay, and Watu Mandorak Cove. There are meandering treks through the valleys to the national park. There are marble cliffs and an astounding blue lagoon. This island is ideal for surfing, mountain hiking, beach excursions, picnicking on the rocks and philanthropic trips through the villages.

Nihiwatu hotel has plenty of space for relaxation, exploration, and rejuvenation. Visitors can start their day with an early morning trek through rice paddies to explore traditional Sumba Villages and the local culture. After the hike, you will get a chance to enjoy massages and organic facials on private coastlines. You can personalize your itinerary. If the trek traditional Sumba villages doesn't tickle you, then maybe paddle boarding or horseback riding will do. Because of the immensity of the island, the resort has several open-air vehicles for, moving guests around. Nihi Sumba Island should be a top choice resort for your Indonesian vacation.

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