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The Romantic Pink Beach of the Komodo Islands

Aptly labeled as a Natural Wonders of Nature, the Pink Beach, or the Pantai Merah is one of the seven distinctively pink beaches that are on the planet and is included in the vast list of several other spectacular attractions of Komodo Islands. On the east side of the beach is the Flores Island, and the beach itself is a spectacle that draws tourists to visit Indonesia.

Romantic Pink Beach

When one arrives at the Pink Beach during a high tide, it is hard to detect the pink hue of the corals. However, there are certain points on the beach that serve as a good sighting spot, from where tourists can get a better view of the beach. An interesting thing about the Komodo Islands is the fact that though the Pink Beach may be the most visited beach in Komodo National Park, it is not the only beach that featured pink sand. In fact, as you go further east, the beaches become prettier and more distinctly colored.

In order to reach Komodo National Park, which is where one can then access the beaches, the most convenient route to use is via Bali. The airport in Bali is highly well-connected, and international flights fly into the airport from major capitals across the world. Once you land at Bali, you can take one of the daily flights via a local airline and travel to Labuan Bajo, and then via a ten-minute drive, reach the Labuan Bajo port, from where you will be able to take a speedboat to the great Komodo Islands.

You will have the option of either docking directly at the Pink Beach, but for those of you who prefer trekking through nature and explore the mangroves, coral cliffs, and other natural attractions, you can dock on another part of the great island and trek for four hours to get to the beach.

Once on the beach, you will be immersed into a journey of your own, where you can not only enjoy the breathtaking spectacles of a hue beach but also enjoy other water sports like kayaking or jet skiing. Those of you wanting to simply relax on such a dreamy beach can either lie down on the soft sand and work on a tan or dip into the water for a light swim.

For our avid photographers, we are pleased to inform you that this beach is nothing less than a photographer’s paradise, mainly due to the magnificent natural beauty that dresses the island in abundance. In addition to the beauty of the landscapes, the island also offers various unique species of plants and animals, which can be a treat to photograph. Being a home to the Komodo dragon also serves as an incentive for photographers to try and snap the rare species in its most natural form. These spectacles of nature allow for photographers to be able to capture the most glorious of snaps, which makes them want to indulge in their passion and keep snapping for more.

Another very interesting aspect of the island is that, as the name suggests, the island has been home to the Komodo dragon since what could be the beginning of time. The island is a natural habitat for these rare species to breed and thrive in. If you are lucky enough to see one of these scouring the coast or expertly swimming in the water, we suggest that, though it may be a unique animal you will ever come across, it is good to maintain a safe distance, as this is a potentially wild and dangerous breed. Observing them is a treat in itself, and looking at them swim about in the water only makes one wonder about the vast potential of these animals, as well as others, to carry out their natural activities in the most excellent ways. However, due to the danger factor, it is highly recommended that one not goes to the island without the guidance of an experienced ranger or a native tour guide. These guides know their ways around the island and hence save you the time and effort that you may have otherwise wasted on figuring out where to go and what to do. In a supervised and controlled setting, you may even get the chance to come face to face with a Komodo dragon, providing an experience that surely leaves its mark on tourists for the rest of their lives.

Additionally, the island is home to a variety of unique flora and fauna, which include hundreds of different kinds of corals, which include both hard corals and soft corals. The water holds numerous species of fish and hence shares its natural beauty above the shore underwater as well. Snorkelers and divers can find hours of entertainment, and first-timers or beginners may also swim through the shallow waters and witness a variety of unique fish and aquatic animals in abundance. Other activities that you can enjoy on the beach, with a backdrop of the sparkly water, include sports like volleyball or playing with a Frisbee.

Immersing into various fun-filled activities in such spectacular settings may hold the tourist's attention for a very long time, and tempt him or her to move into the island and making it your eternal home. When the sun starts going down in the evening, the island’s beauty in no way diminishes with the decreasing light, but in fact offers an awe-inspiring spectacle of the sunset, so it is highly recommended that tourists plan their trips to the island in a way that allows them to stick around on the island till sunset.

Though beaches are present in abundance across the globe, a hue beach is one of the rarest natural wonders and ones that certainly should not be missed during one’s lifetime. To not visit such natural wonders would essentially entail that you lose out on a major chunk of your life in terms of the distinct experience that the Pink Beach offers to the traveler.

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