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The Simple Guide to Preventing the Common Cold

The common cold means a mild viral infection which affects the nose, throat, sinuses and around upper airways. Its symptoms usually begin after 2-3 days of viral infection and usually clears by itself 2 to 14 days. The viruses causing the disease spread through the air from the nose of an infected person to others.

Preventing the Common Cold

Often Washing Your Hands

This is the best measure prevention of cold spreading. Especially after daily activities like; going through gym, shopping, or spending some time in public places. Viruses can be acquired through touching surfaces used or touched by already infected people. Cleaning your hands with antibacterial sanitizer or hand wipes sanitizer will destroy viruses. The main active ingredient (triclosan) in antibacterial soaps is increasingly gaining evident in its ability to facilitate the growth of bacteria resistance.

Don't Touch Your Face

Avoid touching the areas sensitive to cold, more so the nose, mouth, and eye, when close to infected people or if you got hold of surfaces in public places. This drastically reduces the possibilities of any germ or viral infections.

Use Copper and Its Alloy Surfaces

A study conducted in 2009 at Selly Oak hospital in England proved that copper and its alloys (brass and bronze) have great antimicrobial properties thus making them capable of reducing the spread of infections.

Avoid Smoking in Public

Smoke irritates the airways increasing the possibility to colds and other infections. Even passive smoking will increase your vulnerability to viruses causing cold.

If Anyone Your Family Is Infected Use Disposable Items

Throwing disposable cups away after use prevents the accidental spreading the virus from sharing of items. There is great concern about the virus spread, especially when there are young children who at times may try to drink or eat from other people cups and plates.

The Household Surfaces Must Be Kept Clean

Disinfect the doorknob, drawer pull, keyboard, all light switches, telephones, remote control, counter-tops, and sinks since they hide viruses for hours after use by someone who is infected. Clean these surfaces with detergent and water or even a disinfectant solution frequently. When you have a kid in the house, it's important to clean their toys too.

Use a Paper Towel

By using a paper towel for hand washing in the kitchen areas and bathroom will prevent the cold spread. Since germs and viruses can survive for several hours on cloth towel using disposal towels will ensure their disposal. Throw all used tissues as they are virus sources and can mostly contaminate any surfaces they come into contact with.

Maintain Stress Control

According to different studies conducted in the world of medicine, the immune system of people with emotional stress is weakened. Therefore, it's more likely for them to catch a common cold. Stress management is, therefore, important to stay healthy.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy practices, especially physical exercising, good nutrition, and adequate sleep ensure your immunity is in good condition. Although there isn't a direct relation between healthy lifestyle and common cold prevention, good immune defense ensures that your body does not contact viral infections and other diseases easily.

Prevention is better than cure. Prevention of the common cold will save you time and money. Therefore, ensuring that the above prevention measures are put into action is inherent. Without proper prevention contact with one infected person will infect all your family members. Your family health should come first.

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