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The Exotic Wae Rebo Primitive and Traditional Village

Have you heard about The Exotic Wae Rebo Primitive and Traditional Village in Manggarai? Do you want to visit this place? Do you want to get more information about this primitive and traditional village? If yes, then go through this article. In this article, you will get all the required information about this place, attractions, and other important facts that can help you to enjoy your journey more comfortably and easily.  If you like the natural scenarios, mountains, traditional life, and forests, then this place has a lot for you.  In this place, you will find many adventurous and beautiful things to enhance your traveling experience.

Village, Location, and Specialties 

Wae Rebo Primitive Village
photo by: @ciellumi
The Exotic Wae Rebo Primitive and Traditional Village in Manggarai will offer a beautiful and impressive experience with the vast mountains. You will just love the surrounding of the village. The cool climate, natural beauties, mountains, and refreshing environment will make you feel special that you cannot get anywhere in the urban world. If you really like the primitive life then you should pay a visit this place. It is situated twelve hundred meters above the sea level.  You can imagine the refreshing environment and nice scenario of this village.  If you are traveling for the first time, it might be a bit difficult for you to get it as it is situated in the densely populated forest. All the houses of this place are windowless with the thatched roof that is sloped down to the ground. It is unique and innovative and can get the appreciation of every tourist. You will find different types of the birds in this place. As the inhabitants of this place are unknown about the outside world, they identify the seasons by the nature of the birds.

Agricultural Products, History, and the Current Generation 

Wae Rebo Coffee
Wae Rebo Coffee - photo by @poltaksip
The Exotic Wae Rebo Primitive and Traditional Village in Manggarai provides different types of agricultural products that are widely used in the modern world such as the vanillas and coffees.  It is believed that the village is 1080 years old and it is now leading to the eighteenth generation. The average age of the people of this village is sixty years. They are still not familiar with the modern facilities and modern life.

Detailed Geographic Information

Wae Rebo Village
photo by @nhar_sunardi
You will find different villages in this place. All these villages give a unique and special view of a rural and primitive life.  You can also pay a visit to the Mules Island. This place is twenty minutes from the Dintor by the Boat. You can also visit Todo village to know more about the simplicity and noble livelihood of the Wae Rebo people. This is situated in the Satarlenda village, in the Satarmese sub-district of the Manggarai.

There is another place in the Wae Rebo. This place is known as the Kamkung village. Though this place has natural beauties, mountains, favorable climates, and it represents a true reflection of primitive life, but you will not find tourists here.  The village is located between two mountains. It has seven houses and all of them are made of woods.  It has a cone shape with rope-bundle construction. This really looks amazing and can pose a challenge to the modern houses.

People and Their Houses 

Wae Rebo People
Wae Rebo People - photo by @saptorachmadi
As it is situated within the forest and the mountains, you will not find more population in these villages. Around eight hundred people are living in this place. Each house has eight people and none of these houses have electricity, television, or any other modern facility and comforts. They do not depend on the outside resources to build their house. These are made of the wood and other natural resources of the forests. They bring the heavy woods together from the forest and sing a song to make the process easy as they believe that if they will sing then their ancestors will come for their help and the wood will be light.  They make the roof with the anyaman ilalang, a type of the wild grass.

Culture, Occupants, and Tourist Information 

Wae Rebo Traditional Village
photo by @winahya_adi
You will find their culture very interesting. They always celebrate a new house. They celebrate it with one red chicken and two white chickens.  They celebrate with songs and elder people to satisfy the ancestors and God. They perform some rituals to make it an auspicious occasion for the new home. The main occupants are the farmers.  They have a school. It is four km away from their place. The women of this place sew clothes after finishing the schooling.

They have a traditional guest house with a standard toilet. The entrance to this village will cost you Rp.225.000 per night that will include everything food, guest house, and the donation.  If you want to visit this place without staying overnight, then you will have to pay Rp 100. 000.

If you want to climb the forests from the Denge to the top and to the Wae Rebo village, then you will have to follow guides or the locals to make the process safe, easy, and less time-consuming. The cost will be around Rp150. 000. If you want to cross these places like Denge, Wae Rebo, and the Nandong Village, then the porter cost will be around Rp20000. If you want to see the traditional singing then the cost will be Rp 200. 000.

While being in this place, you will have to obey certain rules.  You will not be allowed to kiss anyone, even your husband or wife. If you want to change your clothes, then you should use the room that is specially prepared for changing the clothes.

If you are planning to visit The Exotic Wae Rebo Primitive and Traditional Village in Manggarai always consider hiring a guide to know about this place and people. They are friendly, but they have certain rules and regulations and you need to follow diligently to impress them. This primitive village can offer you many unique and creative things that you will not be able to find any other parts of the world. Though this village does not have any modern facility, it can certainly offer you a life-changing experience.  You can explore the wood house, the mountains, the local culture and so many other things that can give you a fair idea about the primitive life.

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