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Cunca Wulang Canyon and Waterfalls - Set Your Spirit Free!

Cunca Wulang, with its majestic canyons and gorgeous waterfalls, must be one of the top spots to visit if you're interested in canyoning, hiking or swimming. The Cunca Wulang Canyons and Waterfalls are in the district of Manggarai, about an hours drive away from Labuan Bajo, and have a beautiful tropical rainforest setting.
cunca wulang waterfall
photo by @azis.francesco
If you're interested in hiking, this is the perfect place to take a day trip. You can walk along the trails, where waterfalls cascade into freshwater pools. The trail will take you through freshly planted fields of rice, and you can also view vanilla, cacao, and coffee fields while you walk. Eventually, you'll reach the steep path to the tropical rainforests, the climax of your hike, where you're truly in the thick of nature, with all the sensual stimulation this brings.

Swimming can take place in the beautiful freshwater pools. Large waterfalls form freshwater pools, which lead into a river, and later waterfalls. This adventure allows you to relax in the water while experiencing the thundering crash of the waterfalls. This really does give you the opportunity to experience nature at her best and provides a space for the whole family to swim in the peaceful green water. You could also challenge yourself to swim against the current, however, and swim into the waterfall cave.
Majestic Cunca Wulang Canyon
photo by @zhon_chamlasy
If you love canyoning, the Cunca Wulang Canyons and Waterfalls really are the place for you. Canyoning is an adrenalized experience which may leave you coming back for more. The canyons have two different heights. There is the 7-meter jump and a 12-meter jump. Feel your soul leave your body as your head down into the water. This is the closest experience you may get to flying. It's no wonder it's so addictive!
Cunca Wulang Canyon
photo by @pietrozucchelli
Although no tour operators have taken the opportunity to lead trails or run canyoning expeditions, the locals are very happy to help, even offering coconut water or small local delicacies for a contribution. Locals will help you by showing you the trails or helping you to explore the caves. As you are going into nature, the Cunca Wulang Canyons and Waterfalls does not have catering or restaurant facilities, so it's important to pack your own picnic to bring with you. You'll be having an active day, after all. If you're heading out to the caves (as the locals to help you), then remember to pack a flashlight!

In order to enjoy this experience, it is best to come prepared. Remember to bring comfortable shoes for walking, or swimming gear. If the weather has been rough, you may be facing a long walk to the canyon. Bring some funds with you so that you can make a contribution to the locals as well, for any assistance they might give you.

With this preparation in place, nature lovers are in for an incredible experience. Whether you walk, swim, picnic on the trails, visit the caves, or take part in canyoning (the ultimate thrill), the Cunca Wulang Canyons and Waterfalls have everything you need. Whether you decide to leave your soul at the foot of the canyon while flying through the air or enjoy the gentle pools or nature trails, you'll leave feeling revived and refreshed. Set your spirit free. What more could you want?

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