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Labuan Bajo: World-Famous Home of the Komodo Dragon

Labuan Bajo can be found in the West Manggarai regency. It’s commonly used by both local and the tourism industry as a jump-off point to Rinca Island and Komodo Island. People travel this route to view wildlife underwater and on the land of this environmentally protected area. Komodo dragons are commonly seen on tropical, dry land.
Labuan Bajo
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Located on the far west coast, this town is known for spectacular adventures and lights. It also acts as an entrance port to Flores by ferry from Sumba, Sulawesi, Denpasar, Bima, and Sumbawa. You’ll find this Indonesian location to be quaint, interesting and beautiful, making it a perfect location for a few days of local culture.

Wildlife, Beaches, and Islands 

Komodo Dragon
In the West Manggarai Regency, this little town is also used as a base for exploring the islands surrounding it. Tourists love viewing the wildlife, world-class driving and enjoying some of the least crowded, tiny islands and beautiful beaches in Indonesia. On the mainland, you’ll find even more gorgeous beaches and mind-blowing mountain ranges.

This is a great place to dock and tour to meet others, both travelers and locals. Very popular for divers, many find happiness here, where some of the biggest diving fans in the world can be found. The corals are extremely diverse, with a wide range of fish life. Another sea life is also plentiful, with whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins and other large water creatures spotted all the time.

Because tourists are such a big part of the economy here, boat tours are abundant. Some are of higher quality than others. There are boats that provide adequate survival, flares, radar, and navigation equipment. Some may not. Some professional Labuan Bajo touring companies provide you with luxury touring services at higher rates.

Fishing in This Small Town

Located on Flores’ western end, this is a fishing town in east Indonesia. It used to be known as a fishing town. Today, it’s more known as a center of tourism. Known as the world-famous home of the Komodo dragons, it’s a launching point for travel to Rinca Island and Komodo Island, as well as Seraya Island and Kanawa Island.

The latter two are well-known for taking a nice drive and snorkeling. You can also take a trip to nearby Kalong Island, for an awesome display of flying fox bats. And, just hours away, you’ll find numerous diverse beaches, hiking trails, and quite a few waterfalls.

Here, you’ll enjoy the small-town feel. Tourists can travel the entire area by for within 10-15 minutes. Motorcycle rentals are very popular for getting around on the town’s paved roads.

The Economy of and Touring

This town’s entire local economy is centered around the driving trade, restaurants, local shops, and especially the ferry port and tourists. Its foreign tourist industry mostly consists of Europeans from the UK, Australia, and Italy.

Other industries also help to drive the local economy. In some of the wider areas, palm oil and fish are produced. You’ll also find a great amount of “survival agriculture” in various villages of the Regency of West Manggarai.

About the Regency of West Manggarai

Labuan Bajo West Manggarai
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This Indonesian industry is one of eight dividing up the Flores island. It can be found in the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. Labuan Bajo is the capital of this region.

Tourism in West Manggarai Regency

Here, tourists an extremely important factor within the local economy. That’s why various community groups throughout the entire regency work together to keep the industry flowing. Together, they promote their own tourist industry using various methods.

There are two ways worth mentioning in which they have accomplished this. One was to promote the growth of local foods, and sale it within local areas. The other was to develop a group of local dance ensembles to provide quality entertainment for tourists.

The village of Liang Ndara is a designated tourist site within the regency. There, an effort has been made to help its local merchants and residents communicate better with tourists. There, locals can take English courses, which allows better communication in the local industry for employees, business owners, signage, advertisements and so much more.

Things to Do in the Regency of West Manggarai

One great tourist attraction in the Regency is a well-known destination for local and touring mountain climbers. Mount Mbeliling is one of the regency’s highest peaks, making it an exciting peak to climb. The surrounding area of Mount Mbeliling is a popular attraction for bird-watchers, with its diverse, abundant bird life.

Another great attraction is Sano Nggoang (Sano means Mount). Here, tourists are mesmerized by nearly two miles of the volcanic crater lake. It’s the deepest lake of its kind in the entire world.

Various areas, such as Indonesian district of West Manggarai and Komodo Island, have been designated shark and manta ray sanctuaries. In Indonesia, tourists have access to both manta ray species.

It’s one of the very few places on the planet with both reef manta M. Alfredi and the oceanic manta ray Manta birostris. Tourists are drawn is by their grace in the water, intelligence, docile nature, and the amazing wingspan of 25 feet.

Its 3,000 residents thrive on tourists. Together, as a community, they’ve made choices over the years to keep up with innovative needs and desires to keep tourists happy during vacations here. Most of this town’s people make their living, literally, on the water. So, water life, water sports, and the water world are a major part of what tourists enjoy most.

Why Visit This Indonesian Town?

This town is the capital of the district of Manggarai Barat (West Manggarai) and is located at the westernmost tip of the island. Its 3,000 residents mostly make their living on the water through the tourism industry. That’s why they make it so easy for tourists to travel to various local attractions via motorized boats, sailing vessels, and canoes throughout the region.

You’ll find a superb, ramshackle-style harbor, surrounded by tiny islands. Come to enjoy the breathtaking, colorful sunsets, or take a great hike up one of the mountains or hills surrounding the area. There’s nothing like the panoramic view of the local harbor and the countless coastal isles, with their invigorating white-sandy beaches of Labuan Bajo of the West Manggarai Regency.

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