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The Top 10 Travel Destinations for Year-end Holidays 2019

10 Best Travel Destinations for Year-end Holidays 2019 - Winter is just around the corner and Christmas vacations are looking likely. Tis the time for giving and enjoying yourself with friends and family. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Who says Christmas has to just be the stereotypical experience; meeting with family is great but what do you do when you’re not. There are so many destinations around the world that can fill you with a sense of awe, excitement, and wonder. Why just sit on your couch, when you can If you want to see the sights, or you just want a great time, then there are some of the best places for holiday experiences to light a fire in you this Christmas.

Traditional Christmas: Suppose you want a holiday more like what you’re used to, then try out these locations with excellent scenery and amenities.

1.  London, England

Best Travel Destinations for Year-end Holidays
If you want a usual western style Christmas and New Years then this is the place to be. It has many of your usual amenities and great opportunities for shopping. The two things that it offers are the amazing deals on items to purchase as well as its beautiful sight against the backdrop of Christmas decorations

2.  Rhineland Region, Germany

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Year-end Holidays 2019
This location has that old world feel. There are numerous places to go and things to do and the sense of hospitality is bound to fill your heart with warmth. The environment is beautiful in December and will continue through until early 2018. This is where old-world simplicity meets new world sophistication; definitely a locale to take a stop.

3.  Paris, France

Best Travel Destinations
What is more beautiful than the city of love? The city of love during the holidays. There are gorgeous holiday lights on display will leave you in amazement as you take a tour of the city because the Parisians intend to impress. Thinking maybe you’ll have a little fun then go and try your hand at one of the many ice skating rinks or lake tops. If you want to shop or get excellent memorabilia then going to a local retail store or a traditional market and you will certainly be pleased. To top it off french restaurants serve the finest cuisine.

4.  Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia
Like the entry, prior to this, it has a lot of opportunities to shop and beautiful holiday season aesthetics. However, the big event is the New Year celebrations. You can easily see yourself overlooking the Bay with a beautiful firework display bringing in 2018.

Exciting Holidays: If you want a holiday with lots of spice and excitement then these are the places for you.

5.  Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain
When the Spaniards have a celebration they really have a celebration. Their holiday season is lively, to say the least. This city offers an assortment of exciting fiestas and delicious cuisines to liven up anyone’s holiday experience. Meanwhile, you experience it all, go and see the sights such as the Royal Palace, go see the new year’s day parade. Bring in 2018 with vibrancy.

6.  Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan
Now we bring in the coming year in style.It has a cool year-end climate so there is no snow to stop you from making the most of your time.The city lights look beautiful against the backdrop of the gloomy winter nights so you have an amazing sight waiting for you. The culture is heavily based on the Chinese mainland with a little western mix and the food happens to be a highlight of the experience. Go to Taipei and try out their cuisine; you will certainly love every minute of it.

7.  Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan
This option has a much cooler weather than the other options, however, it does offer a good intersect between being exotic, modern and festive. The Japanese are usually festive at this time of the year with excellent decorations, lights and lots to do. There are many social events in which one can participate. Also, you can go shopping and enjoy a wonderful sense of bliss from the beautiful scenery. From the environment to the city lights this location has a lot to offer.

Exotic Holidays: If you want to get away from city lights or have an experience out of this world then you will get just that with these locales.

8.  Bali, Indonesia

What if you want to get away from it all and have an adventure? Then this is the place for you. With Bali, you put city lights behind you and open up to the experience of nature. You are looking at quiet green mountainsides along with beautiful beaches. The activities include soothing yoga and massages when you need it. Bali will take your breath away!

9.  Phuket, Thailand 

Phuket, Thailand
Certainly, there are many great places in Thailand but Phuket takes the trophy. Wonderful, quiet, beautiful beaches with amazing scenery are what awaits. Also, you can get a tour of the offshore islands and the shallow seas that make this destination a dream.

10.  Yucatan, Mexico

Yucatan, Mexico
Well, this locale is more than just catering to college kids during the springtime. There is more to this location than springtime fun and there is something it offers all year round. There are three places to consider: Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Tulum. Cancun is party central, You can enjoy a year-end vacation at an amazing resort with great food and beautiful scenery. Also, this area offers exemplary beaches all year round and the local population is lively and vibrant. On Isla Mujeres, you can go snorkeling and scuba diving on the coral reefs. Tulum has amazing ruins for the eyes of the most adventurous traveler. Does this sound like a destination you would love?

A great Christmas vacation is yours for the taking. For too long people have thought of a great Christmas vacation as just be sitting in front of a warm fireplace sipping cocoa. Year-end vacations can be more than that. You can choose to bring in the New Year with style and set the tone for a spectacular 2019. Whether you want just a little familiarity or you want excitement, or you want to just get away from it all; there is a vacation for you. Pick any destination on this list and you will not be disappointed.

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