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Bintang Flores Hotel in Labuan Bajo

If you are looking for a place that you can enjoy and spend your holidays while at the heart of Indonesia, you should consider visiting Bintang Flores hotel in Labuan Bajo, and enjoy the five-story structure and comfort throughout your stay in a four-star hotel facility. The hotels combine’ local style with international standards of service to ensure that you and your family have the best in the hotel. You don’t have to look any farther everything is always there at your disposal.

Bintang Flores Hotel

Bintang Flores Hotel

1. Watersport

At Bintang Flores hotel in Labuan Bajo, there is clean and sheltered water that is very ideal for every water sport you wish for. This keeps the hotel in the forefront of giving you and your family or friends the comfort you are looking for since you can have your retreats operating and still enjoy every team building water sport. You will as well have the chance to relax on the beach ends and enjoy the white sand and private facilities that will always spice up your holiday.

2. Diving

If you are looking for the best holiday’s resort to stay then you must develop the interest in the Bintang Flores hotel in Labuan Bajo. Here you will get the chance to book with the nearby islands of Rinca and Komodo for diving opportunities and grace your stay around this ends of the world. You will as well have the pleasure to enjoy the biodiversity of fish species that are found in the ocean, lakes, and rivers of Europe.

The best thing about this facility is that with or without the diving skills you are not left out. Once you book with us you are sure to have the best diving lessons from the satisfied PADI instructors and you will become a competent diver as well. There is enough equipment to ensure that you get the best, you get the privilege of diving from different diving areas and transport is provided for you.

3. Exploration

Be on the list and visit one of the most toured places across the world. Bintang Flores hotel is one of the visited facility and you can as well be in the list of the people who have made the facility famous. Here you will get the chance to explore the world in a different way. Enjoy the improved air. Get the chance to move around the sea with reliable transportation so as to ensure that you see what you long to see.

4. Guest room

At the facility, you will get the chance to experience a king size treat from the wonderful rooms with reliable services.

5. Food

Have you ever wished to taste new and unique cuisines, this part of the world you will get the privilege to do this? There is a wonderful experience in the variety of tastes that is prepared just for you so as to make your stay as friendly as you would wish it to be.

Want to make your holiday memorable, make a choice and board with Bintang Flores hotel in Labuan Bajo, its only in this spot, where you can have the pleasure of wonderful service from a friendly team. People that will take care of you to ensure that your stay is warm. This is the only place that you will feel you are at home and you belong.

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