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Meru Betiri National Park Travel and Tourism Information

Making a trip to East Java will bring you to numerous pristine regular charms. Meru Betiri National Park is situated in Pesanggaran District, inside the Banyuwangi and Jember Region, East Java Province. It is a nature protection with astonishing characteristic miracles, bound in its 580 km square domain.
Meru Betiri National Park
Topographically situated on 8°21'- 8°34' South Latitude, 113°37'- 113°58' East Longitude, the ripe region has as of now being ensured, since the Dutch Government time of 1931, as a preservation territory because of its copious extravagance. It is known as the normal natural surroundings of the striped nearby Java tiger. Today, the Park still moderates uncommon and jeopardized natural life species, for example, the astonishing Rafflesia Zollingeriana bloom and the Javanese flying squirrels.

It additionally has an 8.54 km square of marine territory, with unblemished shorelines in hypnotizing nature, covers up away past the rich green rainforest of the immense stop. Sukamade Beach is the peaceful settling justification for imperiled turtle species, for example, leatherback, hawksbill, olive ridley, and green turtles.

Witness the astonishing characteristic occasions of ocean turtles laying their eggs here amid evening. Or on the other hand, partake in escorting infant turtles back to the free sea in the wake of investing some energy in the nearby reproducing office which thinks about their initial prosperity.

In Rajegwesi Beach you can swim or watch anglers conventions. There is additionally Green Bay, a completely clear marine tourism where you can appreciate the surprising turquoise waters.

Meru Betiri National Park is opened for open since 1982, involving a few good countries region with an elevation of just about 1,200 m. A portion of the mountains in the territories is Mount Meru (343 m) and Mount Betiri (1,233 m) on the west part, which joined as the name decided for this National Park.

On the south part, there are Mount Sumbudadung (520 m), Mount Sukamande (363 m), Mount Rajegwesi (181 m) and Mount Benteng (222 m). There are much more mountains inside the extensive preservation territory, for example, Mount Gamping (538 m), Mount Butak (609 m), Mount Sukamade Atas (801 m), Mount Gendong (840 m) and Mount Mandilis (844 m).

How to Get There

There are a couple of courses to get to the Park: Ambulu-Curahnongko-Bandealit for three hours (31 km), Jajag-Sarongan-Sukamade for three hours (60 km), Surabaya-Jember-Ambulu for five hours (225 km) and the Surabaya-Banyuwangi-Jajag with six hours travel time (342 km). A few streets driving close to the area perhaps uneven and require an accomplished guide with a 4 wheels drive vehicles to move the harsh way. Jember – Surabaya can likewise be gone via prepare or open transports. Open transport fluctuates in the type of an ojek cruiser, a minibus bemo, extensive transports or a day by day truck. In the event that you would lean toward additional accommodations, a book for a private visit from a confided in movement site to escort you to a problem-free occasion.

Get Around

A large portion of the guest are here to do wilderness trekking or shoreline walk and in this way like to investigate the site by foot. A few visits may incorporate treks in a 4 wheels drive to voyage the streams and wildernesses of the Park.

Where to Stay

There is an essential visitor house office inside the recreation center. For additional data of value, administration, and accessibility preceding your landing, you can get in touch with them by email. You can likewise gather information for the essential systems and readiness when you intend to set up a camp inside Meru Betiri. 

Jl Sriwijaya 53, Jember 68121, East Java 

Telephone: +62 331 321530 


There is another settlement called The Raflesia Homestay. Here, you can join local people and make the most of their everyday exercises around Sukamade Beach. 

Jl Sukamade No 20, Teluk Hijau, Meru Betiri, 68488 Sarungan 

In the event that you require a more settled in with better conveniences, you may need to remain to assist around the downtown area of Jember or Banyuwangi region.

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