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Five Ways to Get Your Monkey Minds to Simmer Down

We all have monkey minds. According to Buddha, all humans have drunken psyches clamoring for attention. Sometimes our monkey minds inhibit fear in us, pointing out all the things we deem dubiously of, thinking about everything around us and the possibilities of what could go wrong. Here are five ways to get our monkey minds to simmer down.

Monkey Minds

Know that it is possible to tame a monkey mind.

The first step of simmering down a monkey mind is to mentally and consciously try to calm it down by knowing that it can actually be tamed. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time going through the next steps. Give premium attention to the idea that you are capable of ruling your thoughts, not it ruling you the other way around. Always hold on to this first step, especially when your monkey mind starts blabbering and running wild.

Make time to converse with your monkey mind.

Whenever your monkey mind is on its loudest chatters, you can simmer it down by talking to it. Halt for a moment, breath, and listen attentively and focus to what your mind is trying to tell you. Be mindful of the possible reasons behind the loud chattering. Try to decipher, by asking if it is trying to tell you that something needs to be done, or is it because you are being anxious about something in the future?

Make meditating a habit.

According to so many psychologists, meditating is the most effective strategy that you can use to simmer a loud monkey mind. Through meditating, you won’t just benefit from physical and mental relaxation, but also you will get to train your mind to stay still, enabling you to regain the power of having control over your loud thoughts. Meditating may be hard at first, but with practice, you will gain it as a habit, helping your thoughts and mind.

Recite your life mantra.

Get control in calming your monkey mind by interrupting it in the middle of its loud chattering. Distract it by reciting a mantra. Now as you do this, consciously draw in your scattered attention and focus it on a word, a phrase or sound. While some people recite their mantras silently, it is known to be more effective when you recite it out loud. Remember to have positive phrases in your mantra; stay away from all the negativity!

Use the “Piko-Piko” Breathing Method

Piko-Piko breathing is one of the local common practices derived by ancient Hawaiian Huna philosophy. The word, “piko” means center or the human navel. All you have to do is to breathe in deeply and put all your attention and focus onto the crown of your head. As you breathe out, transfer the center of your attention onto your navel. Continue breathing as you switch attention from the navel to the crown of your head repetitively.

Taming and simmering your monkey mind actually has a lot of benefits. It did the practices above could make you calmer, more concentrated and even more energized during the day. Although these five methods may take you some practice, they can nevertheless be achieved. Live your life to the fullest by taming your monkey mind.

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