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Paradise Café And Bar, Labuan Bajo

There’s that one place that is a must-see for anyone when visiting any area. As you search for a captivating destination to visit, it is important to consider the features and safety of the place. Labuan Bajo is the ultimate destination if you want to discover more. You haven’t been to Labuan Bajo if you haven’t been to Paradise Café and Bar.
Paradise Café And Bar Labuan Bajo
photo by @mariavegaartanti


Labuan Bajo, a town initially known for its fishing activities, now thriving in tourist activities. It is located at the western end of Flores in the Nusa Tenggara region of East Indonesia. A part of its tourism affiliation is attributed to the presence of the Paradise Café and Bar. The beautiful bar is conveniently located near the town. To get there is just a few minutes’ walks taking a route north from a point centering the town. By the sound of the name you might presume that it is set up by the beach; contrary to this assumption it is located on the hill.

Sunset View

This is a major pull factor of the beautiful bar. Its location facilitates the existence of an amazing viewpoint. The fact that it is situated on top of a hill gives you an overview of the sea along with the few islands surrounding it. These coupled with the sun setting paints quite the magnificent picture. This feature, owing to common beliefs, is a favorite among the romantics who for an interesting evening bring their better halves to enjoy the natural view.

The Restaurant

Paradise Bar doubles as a restaurant part of its operating time. The restaurant aspect of the place takes operation during the day and the weekdays. As a restaurant, there’s not really much happening. It mostly consists of carrying out the sole purpose of a restaurant which is the provision of food along with providing a lounging area with a relaxing atmosphere. They specialize in seafood which is quite the delicacy. The seafood is, of course, prepared indigenously; Indonesian style. Some of their specialties include squid hot plate and grilled fish.

The Bar

The restaurant transforms into a bar on Saturday night. For an enjoyable night out, Paradise bar is the place to be. The bar comes alive on this night as both locals and tourists start swarming in. It is especially known for its live music. A local band gives a live performance after which they retire off to give space for more dance music by the DJ. They, only from time to time, contrary to most expectations, play Indonesian songs.

The Atmosphere

The bar carries an air of fun. It creates an enjoyable and relaxed mood. The loud music compounded with the free and friendly nature of the Indonesians equates to the time of your life. You are bound to have a good time with the open space feature of the bar where you can dance the night away.


Looking for a vacation away from work? Looking at breaking away from the tiring status quo and have a relaxing yet funfilled time? Or simply looking to explore? Why don’t you try out the beautiful Paradise Café and Bar of Labuan Bajo? This is the ideal place to check out; a combination of fun, beauty, and relaxation. With the means, it guarantees no regrets.

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