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Top 20 Things to Do and See in Flores Island 2019

Best Things to Do and See in Flores Island - A short jump from Bali, the island of Flores is rapidly turning into a shelter for those looking to get away from the swarmed vacationer scene. Flaunting rich timberlands, abandoned white sand shorelines, mind-boggling natural life, and different societies, Flores has something to please everybody, with much still left to investigate. Flores is more than meriting a spot on your Indonesia agenda, and here are a portion of the best things not to miss.

20 Best Things to Do and See in Flores Island

1. See the Komodo Dragons

Things to Do and See in Flores
Genuine mythical serpents don't inhale fire, however, the well known Komodos are as yet an amazing sight. No excursion to Flores would truly be finished without seeing these gigantic reptiles that can't be found anyplace else on the planet. While watching them lounge in the sun is a sight enough, the monsters are more dynamic in the mornings, when fortunate visitors may find them battling or now and then notwithstanding sustaining. Other than the mythical beasts, the treks on Komodo and Rinca islands, where officer stations are found, offer broad perspectives of the recreation center and merit the excursion in a neighborhood vessel to arrive.

2. Dive or Snorkel in Komodo National Park 

Komodo National Park is best known for its namesake winged serpents, yet its submerged world is really great. Here, you'll discover reefs overflowing with shading and life, frequented by sharks chasing among huge schools of fish and mantas circumnavigating effortlessly overhead. The best coral destinations are shallow and mantas frequently feed at the surface, making for unfathomable swimming too. Solid, now and then perilous flows are what convey the majority of this life to Komodo, and the jumping will be considerably more pleasant for more experienced jumpers.

3. Watch the Sunrise at Kelimutu Lake

Sunrise at Kelimutu Lake
One of Flores' greatest milestones, the abundance of Kelimutu lingers over verdant valleys and is an amazing sight from ground level, however, a trek to its pinnacle uncovers its actual fortune – kaleidoscopic lakes. The pastel waters, with hues so rich they have all the earmarks of being made of paint, are especially amazing in the early morning light of the dawn. The pinnacle is a short stroll from an auto stop open by mechanized transport, however, valiant explorers may appreciate a walk around past falling streams and through neighboring towns.

4. Attend a Caci Dance 

Caci Dance
Caci is a conventional battle move of the Manggarai individuals of Western Flores that happens amid celebrations or festivities. It comprises of two men - wearing beautiful high-quality outfits portraying creatures - jumping and thrusting trying to hit each other with cowhide whips while guarding themselves with shields. At the point when joined with the thumping of drums, it is an exciting sight, and the wounds caused are not serious. All done in great fun, the most ideal approach to see a caci move is to locate a nearby guide who will know when they are happening around the neighborhood towns.

5. Trek to Wae Rebo

Trek to Wae Rebo
While numerous sightseers come to encounter a conventional Manggarai town, the voyage to get to Wae Rebo is an undertaking in itself. The best way to get to the town is to trek 10 kilometers through rich rainforests over soak mountains, past cascades, and swimming gaps. The testing yet advantageous climb gives astounding perspectives in addition to the opportunity to see one of Flores' best conventional towns, where you will be blessed to receive music, move, and nourishment before bedding down like a nearby in a funnel-shaped formed home.

6. Snorkel at 17 Islands Marine Park 

17 Islands Marine Park
On Flores' northern drift lies one of its best-kept insider facts. Sanction a pontoon to 17 Islands Marine Park for multi-day of swimming in shiny turquoise waters occupied by an assortment of beautiful fish, unwinding on unblemished white-sand shorelines on uninhabited islands, and an opportunity to see the flying foxes, mammoth natural product bats that darken the sky around dusk. Contract a nearby guide, who will know the best snorkel spots, cook a delectable lunch, and give unlimited grins and amusement.

7. Remain in a Homestay 

Flores Homestay
Flores has a homestay organize set up by a not-for-profit that offers explorers an opportunity to encounter the real Flores. The system comprises of local people in little towns that have offered to open their homes to voyagers to accomplish culture trade and animate network based tourism. The convenience is basic yet has are warm and inviting, in addition to it is a phenomenal chance to encounter life as it really is in Indonesia. Make sure to hone a touch of Indonesian, as individuals in these networks talk extremely constrained English.

8. See the Spider Web Rice Fields 

While rice paddies are normal in Bali and different areas all through Asia, the ones in Flores are especially special. Here, you will discover fixes in different shades of rich green spread out from an essential issue, becoming progressively littler until the point that they move in the focal point of the 'web.' notwithstanding being outwardly staggering, these fields have a reason. Separated into segments allotted to families, the specialists begin outwardly of their area and work their way in, with everybody meeting by the day's end to appreciate tea and discussion, advancing kinship among the town families.

9. Learn to Weave Ikat

Eastern Flores is known for its ikat, a mind-boggling procedure of kicking the bucket and weaving textures to make materials wealthy in examples and hues. Analyzing the hand-made items sold all through Flores gives you a thought of the meticulous procedure that makes them; nonetheless, the most ideal approach to picking up a comprehension of the mind-blowing aptitude required is to observe how they are made, or stunningly better, attempt it for yourself.

10. Go trekking on Padar Island 

Komodo Island frequently takes the spotlight in Flores however on the off chance that you are in the zone then a trek to Padar Island is additionally certainly justified regardless of the excursion.

The enormous draw on Padar Island is the shorelines and there are three separate regions on the island which are dark, white, and pink individually.

It is anything but difficult to get to Padar Island from neighboring Labuan Bajo and you can trek everywhere throughout the island on an assortment of trails.

On the off chance that conceivable arrangement to go crosswise over early in the day and go trekking when the climate is somewhat cooler before advancing down to the shoreline for a dip toward the evening.

11. Take to the water on Kanawa Island 

Kanawa Island is situated off the drift from Labuan Bajo and this is something of a submerged heaven in the event that you like plunging.

The waters here abound with marine life and there is a decent shot of spotting turtles, beams, and sharks and you will discover vivid reefs and in addition, coral gardens that influence in the submerged flows.

The island is ideal for any individual who needs to make tracks in an opposite direction from the groups and appreciate the isolated and pristine area.

12. Take a few photos at Blue Stone Beach

Penggajawa Beach is some of the time known as Blue Stone Beach in spite of the fact that you may likewise hear it alluded to as Green Stone Beach.

The explanation behind this is the shoreline is made up not of sand but rather of blue and green rocks which imply that it is amazing, one more one of Flores' unusual yet wonderful characteristic marvels.

The primary motivation to come here is to take in the tremendous view in spite of the fact that this isn't generally a shoreline made for sunbathing so on the off chance that you need to unwind on the sand then you would be in an ideal situation heading somewhere else.

13. Explore Bidadari Island

Bidadari Island makes a fantastic day trip in Flores and is a little island with a stunning reef that sits simply seaward that makes a decent swimming and plunging point.

On a dip where you can hope to see several bright fish and in addition other submerged critters like ocean snakes and octopus and in the event that you need to remain somewhat longer at that point there is even an extravagance resort on the island.

14. Explore the Hobbit Cave

The Hobbit Cave, known as Liang Bua in Indonesian, is around thirty minutes from Ruteng in Flores and is a standout amongst the most astounding archeological finds in Indonesia.

The give in is set inside a bigger buckle complex and was found as late as 2003. It is known as the Hobbit Cave as it contained a scope of little human skeletons which were believed to be around 18,000 years of age.

There is some dispute with regards to the correct age of the fossils and skeletal stays found here which would change some portion of the hypothesis of development, yet whatever the story the give in is as yet a captivating spot to stop off and take in some history.

There is additionally a little gallery beside the surrender that clarifies the collapse archeological and authentic terms.

15. Visit Seraya Island

Seraya Island is a standout amongst the most well-known islands in Flores and one of the huge ones that everybody prescribes on a visit to this piece of Indonesia.

There is a reef seaward which implies that you can see a wide assortment of marine life in the event that you need to go swimming or jumping and it isn't unprecedented to see a lot of sharks and turtles here.

The island itself is likewise well worth investigating and you will locate a dainty angling town toward one side where you can stop off for some nearby sustenance and beverages.

17. Spend a Day at Bena Village

Bena Village
The town of Bena, of the Ngada Tribe, is one of the more business "Conventional Villages" that you can visit in Flores. The houses in the town are worked with high covered rooftops and beautified with the skulls of water wild ox and pig jaws. The setting is pleasant, however, it is loaded with shops taking into account the visitor exchange. You can take a day trip to Bena from the town of Bajawa.

18. Jump from Cunca Wulang Waterfall

Cunca Wulang Waterfall
Cunca Wulang Waterfall was made renowned by picture takers and Instagram. There is a spot after the cascade enters the chasm where you can bounce off the precipice into the water. In the event that you have quick screen speed, you can take an incredible photograph of children jumping into the water (or your companions plunging into the water). Despite the fact that meeting Cunca Wulang is generally about the photograph it's as yet a pleasant place to visit on the off chance that you are searching for activities in Flores. You should procure a guide from the neighborhood town when you visit.

19. Larantuka: Portuguese Heritage

The Portuguese came to Flores in the fifteenth century and settled in Larantuka. The Portuguese legacy in Larantuka can be found from the pink and tower trimmed Portuguese impacted house of prayer to the Catholic memorial park, and numerous individuals have blended Portuguese-Florinese family line. The angling town of Larantuka still stays immaculate by vacationers because of its area on the eastern tip of Flores Island, which makes it less celebrated than its cousin Labuan Bajo. On the off chance that you are searching for a quiet town by the ocean with extraordinary neighborhood culture, Larantuka is the opportune place.

Most voyagers come to Larantuka for the popular Good Friday parade, where the whole town turns out in luxury to remember the demise of Christ. Bearers help a pine box of Christ through the avenues, much the same as the Portuguese religious custom, moving from sacrificial table to holy place through the city to finish the Via Dolorosa steps. It's an exceptional scene to observe that has drawn numerous travelers, so make a point to book your lodging far ahead of time.

20. Climb up Love Hill and Watch the Sunset 

The Love Hill is a nightfall point only outside of Labuan Bajo. From the highest point of the slope, you watch out over tropical grass, coconut trees and moving slopes towards the turquoise waters of the Flores Sea that stretch out to the skyline. It's an extremely lovely setting. The site is frequently included onto the finish of multi-day visit from Labuan Bajo. For extraordinary perspectives of Labuan Bajo Harbor at dusk, you should look at Paradise Bar.

Final Thoughts

There are so many great things to do in Flores. However, you will need time to explore the island if you want to do the things on this list. to make the most of your time here put aside a minimum of per week to explore Flores. this will offer you the chance to go to Labuan Bajo and also explore the highlands of Flores. I hope this has given you some inspiration.

Have you ever visited Flores? What did you think of the island? What are your favorite things to try and do in Flores? Share your feedback in the comments below with other readers.

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