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About Us

Welcome to Meruindonesia.com, a website that provides complete information about tourism in Indonesia. At present, Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

About Meru Indonesia

Therefore, every weekend and long holiday season, this country is always filled with tourists both local tourists and foreign tourists. We hope this simple site can be one of the most comprehensive sources of information about Indonesian tourism.

Information on this site includes tourist attractions, places to eat or culinary tours, places to stay or hotels, and various tips that are certainly very useful for anyone who is planning to vacation in Indonesia. We have provided various information with photo galleries and videos if possible.

Background of Meru Indonesia

Currently, there are many sites that provide information about tourism in Indonesia. And to be honest, most of these Indonesian tourism sites are of very good quality and professionally managed.

meruindonesia.com is not only limited to visiting tourist attractions. There are many activities that can be done in Indonesia. The simplest example is, for culinary enthusiasts, there are many good places to eat in Indonesia.

According to our observations, planning a vacation is not easy. The proof, we often get questions from friends or relatives from abroad who will vacation in Indonesia. Usually, their questions around which tourist spots are the most interesting, which places to eat are the most delicious and recommended places to stay.

We hope this simple website that we created can answer all of these questions. And if there are questions from potential tourists that have not been answered with the articles on this website, we will also be happy to answer them via email or send your message via the form on this Contact Page.